About Coralie

Coralie Grzes is a French jeweler based in Barcelona, Spain. She is dedicated to creating unique pieces, focused on remaining minimalist and harmonious. Her designs sit within the fashion-forward and design-forward jewelry worlds.

The young creator adapts classic techniques adapted to her current and innovative designs.

Coralie’s pieces are inspired by architectural details, sculptural art and ethnic geometric shapes.

“Jewelry is an ornament that adorns us, strengthens our look, accentuates our personality and through which we project our beliefs, our fears, and our desires. I like working with these sentimental values to turn them into aesthetic objects which become a part of those who wear them »

The jeweler values handcrafted work. Her pieces are created and finished by hand, in her own workshop – from the melting cast to the polishing process. All the metals used are certified by the Fairmined label and are ethically sourced.

Her studio doors are always open, and she occasionally holds workshops as a way to share her passion for handcrafted jewelry-making. So come and explore and learn more about the manufacturing process as well as the different techniques she uses.

For the designer, the beauty of a jewelry piece lies in its authenticity and its meaning. It is a witness of the passage of time, an inheritance and a memory.


If you are in Barcelona, you can book a visit with me, view my collections and place an order.

Just click on the link below.

Showroom / Workshop Open Hours:

Monday-Friday: 10h00-18h00

Saturday: Only on request.

My studio is located in the neighborhood of Sants in Barcelona. The closest metro station is Mercat Nou (line 1).

Visit my Atelier Showroom