Jewelry Care



Your jewelry is handmade in my workshop in Barcelona. The silver used is of excellent quality, but over time silver can become dark as metals naturally oxidize.
To care for your jewelry and keep it shiny, take it off when you come into contact with creams, water, chemical products, perfume etc…
It’s also better to take off your jewel at night, while under the shower or when swimming. When you are not wearing your jewelry, you can store it in a fabric case.




The 18kt gold is a strong, precious and durable metal. It does not oxidize, however, it can scratch and lose its brilliance. When you are not wearing your jewelry, store it in a case or fabric pouch. If you need to clean it, gently polish it by hand with a clean cloth.




You can use washing-up liquid, some warm water and brush with soft toothbrush. Then dry your piece carefully with a soft towel. You can also buy silver cleaner in a drugstore.
Be careful to protect precious stones as they may become damaged by cleaning products.

Coralie Grzes also offers a safe cleaning service. Do not hesitate to contact her here.