Coralie Grzes offers you the unique and unforgettable experience of making your own silver ring in her workshop.

From the melting stage to the polishing, you will discover the essential technics of jewelry-making while crafting your own silver ring. You’ll also enjoying a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at a jewelry workshop in action.

An unforgettable experience !


DURATION: 4h approximately 

PARTICIPANTS: 3 persons (adults +18) per workshop

PLACE: The experience will take place in my workshop in Barcelona (Spain), located in the neigborhood of Sants. (The closest metro station is Mercat Nou)

No previous experience of jewelry-making is required.


From the creation of the silver sterling alloy

At the beginning of the experience, I will show you the kind of ring you can create during the workshop among several examples.

Then you will start by creating the solid sterling silver alloy in order to melt a ingot and stretch a wire or a silver sheet according to the model ring you want. A magic moment!

Through sawing, hammering and welding

After we got our wire or silver sheet, it will come time to saw, then hammer your ring to give it a texture, a pattern. You can also choose to make it smooth.

Once you got your the pattern of your dreams, you will weld and shape the ring to close it and make it round!

To the polishing

One of the last steps is filing to remove scratches and other knocks and make your ring as soft as possible using sandpaper.

And the final touch will be the polishing! We will use the polisher and its different brushes to bring out the shine of the silver. You can also choose a matte finish!

I will be present and advise throughout the entire manufacturing steps, so that you can leave with your jewel and all material (sterling silver) and tools will be provided.