Traceable and Sustainable Gemstones

After incorporating ethical gold and silver into the making of her jewelry, it was unthinkable for Coralie not to consider the stones and pearls she works with in her collections.

Precious stone mines and cultured pearl farms also have a considerable impact on the environment and many of them remain very opaque about their practices (social, environmental and legal).

Coralie only works with suppliers who can certify the origin and place of stone-cutting and who can testify that the health and safety of workers is prioritised.

Sustainable Pearls

The pearls Coralie uses come from sustainable farms of known origin. These guarantee decent and fair working conditions for employees and practices that are respectful of the environment.

No treatments are used and there is no enhancement of color or luster. Our suppliers ensure that these conditions are met by visiting pearl farms several times each year.

Traceable Gems

Coralie sources gems exclusively from those suppliers who can guarantee the provenance and the cutting location of the stones used in her collections.

These are responsibly mined and fully traceable colored gemstones from a number of carefully selected sources. These are guaranteed to be “conflict free” and to comply with the principles of full disclosure and fair trade.